Business — An Idea that changes lives

Business more popularly called entrepreneurship is becoming a fad these days. In fact this is the only fad that I am crazy about and hopeful of. For as long as I have understood what business is — I have had a parallel profound realization that said : A business can change lives and its a superpower.

Like any other super power it can put to a billion uses. It can be a life saving drug or operation to save lives. It could purify water, light up homes. It could make the world smaller and bring loved ones closed. It can put right food on table, clothes on self and roof over head at scale.

Business in simple terms — is when someone decided to fulfill a need at scale and gets paid for it. The payment is most definitely monetary and enables the businessman do more at scale.

However, is this the only payment that matters? how about the satisfaction that you made the world a better place, how about the satisfaction that you took the legacy of great men forward and made lives easier or better.

With this thought in mind, I have a fundamental question — where are the big companies heading? Where are the most powerful people in the world headed? Have topline and market share eclipsed humanity? What is the point of having an additional zero in your bank account if its only serving you?

Have you really lived, if its just for yourself?

We are building metaverses when real world is getting more and more disconnected. We are sending ourselves to space when the only planet we now have access to is getting destroyed. There are companies that exist to just deliver groceries in 10 mins — basically you just need to blink it for that. Why? Can’t we live with same day delivery? We are tempting users to stay online for hours so that he can escape his reality and live to scroll.

My biggest pain point is — some segments of society are so overserved that its actually in their interest to stop consuming and actually start creating; This disparity is so bad that every other segment only exists to serve them. There are segments that are completely neglected and people that are never seen.

Lets call the overserved segment is — Mainstream. The real problem starts when this mainstream segment is served by a mainstream entrepreneur to create mainstream products and services — cause apparently “ It is big market share”

This is the biggest fallacy and possibly the biggest opportunity. It doesn’t have to be this way. I hope entrepreneurs would think about startups that actually create an impact. I hope they go beyond themselves and the money they can make. These are important. Of-course but these can coexist in parallel with welfare, growth and changing lives. These can coexist with sustainability. These can exist with empowerment.

There is a saying in Hinduism — Ahm Brahmasmi — The whole universe is within me and I am divine. This was the first lesson a child was taught when he started education because education is powerful and only those who would apply it well were considered worthy of receiving it.

That is true for business too- starting a business is powerful — it can change the course of lives. When are you are on this mission — why not do it to make lives better?




Data analyst by profession. Love solving business problems and dwelling over existential questions!

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Data analyst by profession. Love solving business problems and dwelling over existential questions!

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